NEWS 01 10 2017

Alexis Troy: “A producer is more likely to obtain the ‘freedom for fools’.”

Mercedes M-Klasse

[030] MAGAZIN BERLIN met with TRO-producer Alexis Troy for an extensive interview in our recently opened office in Berlin.

Not only the renown german independent Hip Hop label Selfmade profits from producer Alexis Troys creativeness, he also participated in the latest part of the legendary Afro Trap series of the Parisian football fanatic MHD.

We meet up in TRO’s freshly opened studios in Berlin, whose name similarity to Alexis’ artist name is a mere coincidence. Besides producing german Hip Hop artists such as Kollegah or the 257ers he works on big brand advertising campaigns with the Duesseldorf based music agency.

To read the full german interview:

Tro Sonic DNA

Music intelligence for the objectively best brand sound

Our ambition

Brands thrive on emotions. Emotions generate loyalty. Nothing conveys emotions and tells the story of a brand more effectively than music and sound. Identifying, composing and producing dangerously effective music and sound for brands is our ambition. In an efficient sound-branding process, we determine the brand music that accurately fulfills your brand equity definition. Free from any gut feeling, without the bias of subjective taste and time-consuming discussion. In short: objectively attestable and with evidence previously unknown.


Two and a half years of intensive cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Duesseldorf and the University of Osnabrueck have paid off. With the launch of TRO Sonic DNA, we are entering the future of auditive brand management on the basis of valid data, artificial intelligence and analytics. The innovative attribute in sound branding is: Objectivity. Thanks to TRO Sonic DNA, we are in a position to accurately translate the emotional character of a brand personality into music and sound.

The difference

Research into how music works emotionally has been done for a long time. The relevant sciences have long been occupying themselves with self-learning algorithms that identify and classify emotions in music. We are the only sound branding agency that combines music and sound theory with data intelligence and automatic learning – and applies this to brands.


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